Reconnecting with self

It takes courage to be yourself in a world where you are constantly told that who you are isn’t enough. — Ash Alves

One of the most common habits of highly successful leaders is that they strive to stay connected to themselves each day. It’s said that Bill Gates reads approximately one book a week and is sincere with taking at least one hour a day to self-reflect. In a world full of distractions, its challenging to maintain that focus in a 5-minute meditation, let alone an hour.

With the remote work culture mixing our work days to off days, it’s no surprise that our energy and resilience is challenged at the end of the day. As I dramatically shut down my laptop screen to mark the end of the work; the deep sigh finishes my breath as if it was stuck for this moment throughout the day.

Only to be engaged with mindless scrolls in my phone moments later. It’s an endless loop and this “winding up” is almost a lie I keep telling myself each day.

A scattered mind is a home to all the worries. I have realized that the lesser we are connected with ourselves, the more impatient we grow. And a more authentic approach towards life prioritizes connection with self before these emotions.

Authenticity is what represents you in a way that’s unique with its own quirks and flaws. Something everyone craves for in a work environment as well as in our relationships.

Not forgetting to have fun along the way and valuing the fact that the partnership we have with ourselves is the only lifelong partnership. So, nurturing it with utmost love and care to set forth into becoming the best version of you this year.

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